Department of Internal Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine is an integral part of Badr Al Samaa healthcare system. The Internal medicine department extends scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of patients. Specially trained in the management of diabetes, hypertension and cardiac diseases.

The department has the support of a specialist, specially trained to solve puzzling diagnostic problems and can handle severe chronic illnesses and situations where several different illnesses may strike at the same time. They also bring to patients an understanding of wellness (disease prevention and the promotion of health), women’s health as well as effective treatment of common problems.

Special attention is paid to preventive healthcare by close attention to lifestyle modifications. The executive health check packages of this department detect early diseases opening the way for timely interventions.

Department of Orthopaedic

All types of trauma, fractures, dislocations including sports injuries to spine, knee, ankle and other joints. Trauma and Internal fixation surgeries Industrial injuries & Tendon surgeries, Comprehensive care for arthritis and other joint problems, Back pain, Neck Pain, and Disc Diseases, Pediatric Orthopaedics

Department of Gynaecology

Gynaecology department offers speciality care in: The department of Gynaecology extends a scientific and holistic approach to women’s care. It provides outpatient and emergency service in all aspects of modern Gynaecological care. It offers every sophisticated service of contemporary medical care. The department is supported by full time Gynaecologist.

Gynaecology department offers speciality care in:

Comprehensive antenatal care Infertility work up with follicular studies Adolescent gynaecology Obstetric scanning Gynaecology cancer screening Menopausal problems

Department of Paediatrics

The department of Paediatrics offers comprehensive child care and non-invasive diagnostic paediatric services to our patients with “Humane Care”. The center provides complete, compassionate, stateof-the-art healthcare services for children from birth to sixteen years of age. The Paediatric services include consultation with our paediatrician as well as an ongoing evaluation and management of child health problems.

Dept. of Ear Nose & Throat (ENT)

The department of ENT and speech and hearing is one of the highly established departments with all outpatient services. The department is well equipped with state-of-art diagnostic and therapeutic facilities like ENT treatment unit, oto- endoscopy, diagnostic nasal and rigid laryngeal endoscopy complimented by audiometric facilities like pure tone and impedance audiogram. It is manned by experienced personnel Dr. Nazia Aziz Ahmed. This department handles all diseases related to Ear, Nose, Throat with Head and Neck.

Department of Ophthalmology

Department of Ophthalmology is headed by Dr.Aji Sam Mathews, MBBS, DO, DNB Specialist Ophthalmologist, with more many years of experience. It offers comprehensive ophthalmic care at the primary and emergency levels. It is equipped with all necessary machineries to diagnose ophthalmic diseases pertaining to both anterior and posterior segments.

The department offers following services:
> State-of-the-art vision testing facility
> Minor ophthalmic procedures
> Glaucoma, Diabetic &Hypertensive Retinopathy > screening
> Treatment for Migraine and other Chronic headaches

Department of Dentistry

The department of dentistry deals with the diagnosis, prevention, treatment of diseases and disorders of the oral cavity, and the adjacent associated structures and their impact on the human body

We offer the following services:
•Paediatric dental Treatment (RCT, Fillings) • Missing Teeth replacement with Removable partial dentures (Acrylic, cast partial denture) • Fixed partial denture (PFM, Zirconia, Empress) • Full mouth rehabilitation & smile correction • Veneer, Lumineer (Certified) • Inlay, Onlay, post & core • Deep scaling, Root planning • Prophy polishing • Bone & Soft tissue, grafting • Treatment for periodontal pockets & Recession • Extractions ( Simple & Complicated) • Tooth whitening (Vital, non vital bleaching) (Single tooth & multiple tooth) • Tooth jewellery fixing • Complete denture (Fixed & Removable) • Root canal treatment (Single & Multi canals) • Treatment of fractured teeth • Splinting, Diastema closure • Treatment for periodontal abscess & peripical abscess, periapical cyst etc. • All other routine dental procedures

Emergency Department

Emergency Department is equipped to provide initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries, some of which may be life-threatening and require immediate attention. Our staff in this department are specially trained to handle all types of emergency cases.

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